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Jimi and Sean, Hillside, NJ

AN EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE: Dave Tober was our lease car dealer in 2015 and 2018. He has a great salesmen demeanor, friendly, always smiling, a great listener and fun to work with. He takes the time to learn about his clients and their needs. We got a call from Dave indicating he was now a car broker representing OmniStar Auto, (TobeStar, LLC), and the adventure began. He explained how he could get a better deal on our lease turn in vehicles and therefore a better deal on our 2021 new car leases. Dave was patient and answered every question in writing. He returned all questions and calls promptly. The experience was amazing. Everything was done from the comfort of our home including the selection of our new cars. The old cars were picked up as the new cars were delivered and documents were signed. The best part was getting the odometer and lease purchase documents to end the old leases. Everything went very smoothly. The cars are great. We love them. Thank you Dave. We also thank Michael for his assistance as well…… JIMI and SEAN.